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Who are we?

My name is Alex Bobes.

Through this project but also through other initiatives I intend to develop, I’m trying to change something in this system. I started by helping people with severe health & financial problems.

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How Does Taxi Gratis Work?

People with serious health problems contact us by phone or through their relatives. They expose the problem, and if the situation looks real, we are programming together the date / time and place where we will meet (medical units or home).

What is Taxi Gratis?

Taxi Gratis is a humanitarian project that offers free transportation to people with special problems in Bucharest. We are aware of the problems that they encounter and we are close to them when they need to reach hospitals or medical facilities.

Why Free?

The problem of transporation among people with disabilities or with serious financial and medical problems is extremely serious. Obtaining transportation is an ordeal for the vast majority of them, when they are discharged or when they need to travel between their homes and medical units.

Humanitarian Causes

Help us carry on humanitarian projects. We fight for people, promoting their causes.




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We organize events to make the project known in the world. We want to help as many people as possible.

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The people we help live real dramas

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