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What is Taxi Gratis?

Taxi Gratis is not actually a Taxi.

The car used for this project is a personal car, and the person involved does not have the profession of taxi driver. We chose this name to highlight the fact that the carriage is free.

How it works?

– People with serious problems contact us by phone or through their relatives. They expose the problem, and if the situation looks real, we are programming together the date / time and place where we will meet (medical units or home).

– At scheduled times, on the set day, we would drive and pick up the person who contacted us. Although the car is not especially suited for wheelchairs, if they are collapsible, we can put them in the trunk.

– With each person helped, we take a step forward. We are slowly but surely evolving towards developing a service that should have already been present in Romania: free transportation for people unable to do it on their own.


We are the followers of the good deeds, made of the soul, unconditioned. For this reason, we think it does not matter how much we help but the fact that we are involved every day, trying to change something. This is why we trust that we can develop Taxi Gratis projects by changing the lives of those we help.


Free taxi could be better described as “a non-urgent medical service”. We are trying to fill the shortcomings of the medical system in Romania, intervening and really being with the helpless people. We can not develop the project alone, our financial and logistic resources are limited. We are dependent to your involvement.

We are getting involved

We support disadvantaged people in many ways, we are together in the most difficult moments

Free Transportation

We help people with serious financial and medical problems, transporting them free to medical hospitals / clinics.

Food & Other Goods

We organize fundraising campaigns to provide food and other goods to needy people

Medical Services

We help people without financial resources, by organizing fundraising, for medical operations and urgent treatments.

Get involved!

We need you. We are a few volunteers, we can not support Free Taxi projects entirely from our own funds.




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Taxi Gratis Volunteers

We hope to quickly expand the Taxi Gratis team. The more we are, the more we can help

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Taxi Gratis Sponsors

We are proud of the legal entities that support us in this initiative